For our upcoming May vacation to Walt Disney World, I did what any normal mildly OCD person would do and booked every dining reservation 180 days in advance. Assuming all was well with that portion of the planning process, I laid it to rest and went about my business until only a week ago. That point came when I began perusing the menus and reviews of certain venues I had hoped to dine at, and realized a change of plans was needed. Either that, or they would need to change their menu to accommodate me. Now I realize that was exactly what the Disney company intended to do.

I try to eat healthy wherever I go, and many times that means altering the menu to not include beloved items such as cheese, dairy, or even meat in many circumstances. Not only is this a personal decision, but a health related need as well. I’ve termed myself “Vegan Friendly,” as most of the foods I eat have become animal free in every way. I noticed that many people with food related allergies had found Disney restaurants to be very accommodating to them, so I took it upon myself to research every aspect of this. Not only did I find that all of the restaurants I had daydreamed about would now become a reality, but even the burgers and fry joints such as Beaches and Cream at the Caribbean Beach resort and Sci-Fi Dine In Theater at Hollywood Studios had veggie burgers and shakes made with Tofutti ice cream.

Just like the Grinch that stole Christmas, my heart grew three sizes the day I found this out, and now I cannot wait to sample the pizza at Mama Melrose and pancakes at 1900 Park Fare. Expect a review of each place we dine in the coming months, both of my healthy food and delicious desserts, and fellow vacationer’s menu picks, as well!

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4 thoughts on “Have It Your Way – The Disney Way

  1. I”m glad to hear that Disney is looking out for the health conscious. I mean we all need to be concerned with what we put into our bodies on a daily basis. Can’t wait to hear about all the delightfully scrumptious items you are going to partake in. Be sure to have a glass of bubbly in Paris for me : )

  2. For some reason, when I’m on vacation (or any other time, if I’m honest) I find it hard to eat healthy. It never even crosses my mind.
    I hope you have fun in Disney…we certainly did last week.

  3. “Never a customer, always a guest” … it’s the title of Chapter 4 of The Disney Way. (a Fortune magazine “best business book;cited as “so useful, you may whistle while you work”) Disney is always dreaming of ways to solve guests’ problems and delight them, whether it be in resort room design, fireworks displays, cuisine or anything that “touches” the guests. As Walt Disney said, “You don’t build the product for yourself. You need to know what the people want and build it for them.”

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