With a week full of Disney behind me and a head full  of fantasy to keep me dreaming while I work, I stumbled upon a new travel destination while doing research on our upcoming trip to Europe in July.

Germany has an actual Fairy Tale Road, complete with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the land of Seven Hills where the Seven Dwarves lived, and the path where little red riding hood fled from the wolf. There are enough tales to keep you traveling non-stop for at least a week!

The road is about 300 miles long and happens to begin at the Grimm brothers birthplace. From here, it follows the path that this pair of writers traveled as they went searching for stories and fables. What they found along the way are the fairy tales we have loved for hundreds of years.

There was really nothing else for me to do but begin planning our very own tour of this countryside ripe with half-timbered cottages and ancient stone castles. I now have the dates set and am hoping airfare drops a bit in the next week! If not, we’ll be booking anyway – this brings a whole new meaning to a land where fairy tales come true!


3 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale Road

  1. I can not wait to hear all about your travels to this enchanted place. What a wonderful experience to walk the roads that enspired such magical stories that have been told to generations. Be sure to take lots of pictures along the way!

    1. We were actually in Germany on the Fairy Tale Route about a month ago. Parts of it were really beautiful and fairy tale-esque, while other parts may have been more marketing gimmicks, but all in all we loved our time there. I’ll be reviewing those locations pretty soon, but you’re right…Hamelin and Bremen were favorites!

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