I have a decent Camera. It’s a Canon Powershot, and when I purchased it 1.5 years ago, it was the best smallish digital out there. And while I also have in my possession a Nikon D40, the little guy is just so much better for traveling (at least when you’re out and about all day).

He’s also great for day time pictures – I can capture the beauty of any flower, field, or building…but when it comes to the night shots, that’s where it fails me every time.

Nothing is worse than a bad image of food. It can make even the most delicious morsel of goodness appear slimy, crusty and smelly all at once. Just imagine any Mexican restaurant’s menu, and you can picture the type of photo I’m griping about. You hardly recognize any of the items on the plate, and what you do recognize, you most certainly don’t want to eat! I so badly want to share my expeditions into the culinary world with others, but when trying to document these palatable journeys, I sometimes fail you, dear reader. My apologies for past mistakes…and future blunders, as well. (The below picture was actually a very delicious dessert, but looks can be deceiving…)

For my upcoming European adventure however, I promise to give you the best possible representation of each country’s offerings, even if I have to take the beast of a camera to restaurants with me (which will be every three to four hours in a day!).

Does anyone have any tricks or settings that they use to make their digital work more like a pro? I’m still open to trying new things – even if that means a few photography classes are in my future!


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