As soon as the seemingly thousands of photos are uploaded onto my computer (and then photoshopped), I’ll begin the literary adventure of reviews for my most recent travels. I’m very excited to share the places we went, the food we shared, and the people we encountered as we trekked our way through England, Holland, and Germany.

One thing I learned while there was that my home seems to be in Ireland. I felt very comfortable and relaxed while traveling through the previous year, and want to pick up where I left off sometime in the near future. A far cry from the bustling city of Dublin, our next visit to the green isle will include explorations of clover-covered hills, steep ocean cliffs, and dimly lit pubs with larger than life fireplaces that can warm up your wind-chilled cheeks.

Another discovery made after our return  was the need for more research in some areas, and far less in others. Months before we set off, I spent countless hours worrying over what restaurants we would be dining at. While a few of those recommendations turned out to be great destinations, the majority were either closed, too far away, or turned out to not be the type of atmosphere/food we were looking for that particular day. More time will be spent on the actual hotel next time around, and last minute food discoveries will make future trips more of an adventure and less of a trek through subways or down back alleys (not that some of the most authentic regional food can’t many times be found in an alleyway!).

I mentioned hotel research, and I really meant it. I cannot stress enough the importance of a centrally located, air conditioned hotel when traveling without a rented vehicle. We are the type of adventurous travelers that must see as much as possible each day, waking up to the rising sun with a plan for what the day’s discoveries will include…after breakfast, that is. With many of our hotels winding up over two miles from the city center, and more than one restless night spent in an airless room listening to a nearby fraternity karaoke party (I kid you not), paying extra for such amenties is no longer a luxury, it is a necessary expenditure for this type of travel.

Like I said, I’m really looking forward to sharing what we unearthed during our three weeks of travel, but first I have to get this computer to download the visual aids!


One thought on “The Journey’s End, But a Story’s Beginning

  1. It is so refreshing to read your blog after one of your adventures, always an interesting read. I can’t wait to see the visuals as well!

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