This morning I made homemade mayonnaise. After one failed batch, and the loss of half a bottle of olive oil, I can now say that I’ve come up with a decent recipe that tastes like store-bought (because in this instance, homemade WASN’T better). Now that that’s under my belt, I have chicken stock simmering in the crock pot, made with veggies and the bones of the chicken I roasted yesterday. A batch of soaked almonds that has just come out of the oven are cooling off, just waiting to be ground into flour. What can I say, I’m a convert to Real Food now.

It's Beautiful What Egg and Oil can Create

What I’ll also say is that since the inception of my family’s Maker’s Diet makeover, I’ve received some flack, not only from people that have heard of it and can’t fathom life without a Big Mac, but also from close friends. Is this a case of fearing what you don’t know? I can only wonder as I move towards a liberating, healthy lifestyle that will be good for my health now, and on down the road. The food is tasty, the ingredients wholesome and nourishing. Yes, it’s harder; yes, it’s a bit more time consuming than popping some Easy Mac in the microwave. But it TASTES better, makes me FEEL better, and I’m even willing to do some of the work for others, just so that they can benefit, as well!

What’s healthy about man-made protein powders and energy drinks? Why the need to hit the gym and work yourself into a stupor, just to go home and eat what you’ve been told is “the best food to build muscle and trim fat.” Everyone’s an expert, everyone can pinpoint something you’re NOT doing right. And when the protein fails, and the low fat diet causes you to crash, those experts can then point to some other area you need to improve on – maybe this time it’s your carbs, or your saturated fat, or the meat you had for dinner. Maybe they just don’t know. The only person who truly has the answers is God. We can’t constantly worry about creating ourselves into the images found on runways and in movies, we can only try to mold ourselves into His image. Man-made foods designed to “fix” our imperfections are costing us our health.

So please, don’t call it obsession that I’m creating a nourishing lifestyle; one that God himself outlined for us. Call it passion. A passion for food that doesn’t need an ingredient list, without fillers and “low fat” labels. A passion for the art of making something from nothing. I am a writer, a painter, and a cook. I may not be a culinary chef, but I can create an edible work of art that others enjoy. And while I’m doing it, I am healthy. I’m allowing my body to heal from years of abuse. Phase Two of the Maker’s Diet saw a change in sugar cravings, energy level, and satisfaction. Now that Phase Three is looking me in the eye, I can take it on without batting an eyelash, knowing that this phase will be for the long-haul.

This blog is also featured in Real Food Wednesdays, hosted by Kelly the Kitchen Kop. Go check out all of the Real Food ideas!!


2 thoughts on “Creating a Wonderland in His Image

  1. Having seen first hand the work that goes into healthy eating I have to say that I am impressed with your convictions. It is a lot of hard work, but it is very true that we are being fed hormones and fillers that are absolutely not good for our health.

    As women we are given conflicting information all the time regarding hormones, should we take them or not. Yet no one seems to bat an eye when they inject chickens full of it to make them grow faster. Or the cows who are shot full in order to provide more and more milk, cheese, and butter. How does this make any sense???

    Good Luck on this journey not to other countries in this instance, but to a healthy and happy lifestyle. I am looking forward to watching it all progress with you.

  2. I think you are spot on. I think we listen too much to industry, regulators, and those looking to green their pockets when we should be listening to the One who created it all. I’m no expert, but I think God was around long before the likes of pasteurization, Splenda, and anything else that adorns the tag “Artificial.” Do we need artificial ingredients, hormones, or pesticides to satisfy our gluttony…or should we trust the Maker who provides us with our daily needs each day and doesn’t bother with looking for corners to cut that allows for mass production? Quality is always better than quantity, and Natural will always out-health Processed any day! Thank you for your words, I know they are difficult to say in a world trained to the all powerful “Loose Weight fast/Half the Calorie” agenda!

    A Supporter,

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