You know the argument. “I would eat healthier, but it’s just too expensive.” I’ve heard it countless times myself, usually when touting the benefits of a “Real Food” diet. Perhaps the person you’re speaking to doesn’t go to the extreme of defending the McDonald’s Value Menu, but they will most likely talk about the price of grass-fed meats and organic vegetables compared with mass-grocery items.

Here’s where I can win the debate, at least in one area. When shopping at my local Whole Foods Market, I reached the dairy aisle and sighed wistfully as I gazed at the rows upon rows of pasteurized/homogenized milk that lined the shelves – countless versions of skim, low fat, and diet products that claimed to be healthy. In the state of Tennessee, raw milk is illegal, meaning that unless I own a cow, I can’t obtain truly healthy milk products. That is, until I spotted a local dairy manufacturer that had made its way to the shelves amidst the large scale producers.

The iconic glass bottle only adds to the value of this delicious milk!

JD Country Milk is low-pasteurized and non-homogenized, making it the healthiest alternative to raw, grass-fed milk that I can get my hands on. JD only pasteurizes his milk at 145 degrees for 30 minutes, which kills the “bad” bacteria and makes it legal to distribute. It’s also not homogenized, allowing the milk to retain some of the beneficial enzymes that make it a naturally perfect food. Even though some of the beneficial bacteria is killed in the process, it retains many of the great vitamins and minerals that mass-market milk lacks.

In fact, most store-bought dairy products contain nothing of benefit at all. Because the cows were not pasture-raised on grass, the milk would HAVE to be sterilized in order to be consumed. But once they sterilize it, they kill everything good that was in it, meaning the producers then have to add everything back in.  This may sound like an ideal solution, but most of the minerals and vitamins that are added can’t be absorbed by the human body. Calcium for instance, is added in the form of deposits from rock, which is useless to the human body and not absorbed at all!

I’ve waxed poetic to all who will listen about JD’s Milk. It’s amazingly tasty and comes in nostalgic glass bottles. The budget-friendly aspect of this milk is that once you’ve finished your bottle, you can bring it back to the store for a $2 refund. Our half gallon of milk, which was $2.99 when purchased, ended up with an out of pocket cost of only $.99. I could be mistaken, but I believe that’s cheaper than even private-label, generic brands.

And so my love affair with JD continues. In my home we currently have Whole Milk, Chocolate Milk (my husband’s breakfast accompaniment), and Half and Half. The buttermilk was superb for Thanksgiving biscuits, as well!

This blog is part of Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday 12/3/10. Check out the other Real Food blogs, as well!


19 thoughts on “Milk That Will Keep You Healthy, and Your Wallet Fat

    1. Hey Denise! Glad to know there is at least another person in town that is trying to eat Wholesome foods!! Do you typically shop at the Farmer’s Market? We’ve been going to the one in Franklin for the past month or so and really love it!

  1. We are just started our journey 🙂
    I go to the Nashville FM.. and also the Woodbine FM during the summer.. its in my neiborhood ..

    Have you spoken w/ Shaun Dady? I think that’s how you spell her name? She is big on the raw milk and NTradition way of eating..and she is local 🙂

    1. I’ve actually emailed her a few times, and she gave me a list of co-ops in the area that have raw milk available. She also mentioned Windy Acres Farm, which is where we purchase all of our meat and cheese! They have the option of “cow boarding,” where you purchase a share in a cow and are able to get raw milk. I thought it a fantastic idea, but at $8/gallon, I didn’t really think we could afford it. There’s also a $100 fee for buying the share, even though only a one time deal. Either way, it sounds like a great idea if you can pay a little extra, if for nothing more than getting fresh milk from your own cow!

      What confuses me is how the co-ops are able to get around the TN law, and how the owners of the cows know if their cows are healthy. Windy Acres goes into great detail on their website, explaining the procedures they go through. Do you have any info on the co-ops? I would be interested to get first hand information!

      1. It is my understanding that Windy Acres isn’t taking anyone on with a cow share right now because their milk supply is low, but I plan to do it just as soon as it is available. Hopefully springtime.

        I don’t understand how the co-ops are legal either, at least not the one I talked to. I didn’t feel comfortable with it so just decided to wait.

  2. Are you sure you weren’t charged an additional $2 for the deposit on the glass bottle? Because that’s how it’s supposed to work. I get their products at the Nashville FM and at Hendersonville Produce. I make kefir with their whole milk and ice cream with their cream. Sooooo good, though I’m still hoping to find a source for raw milk soon. 🙂

    1. Nope, the milks is $2.99, and when you return it you get $2 back, making it an overall investment of just $.99! So…I guess in a sense the $2 is a deposit for the bottle, but I will gladly bring back a glass bottle in exchange for insanely inexpensive, delicious milk!

      1. I wonder if things have changed. I buy it at the Nashville whole foods and it is 3.50 there. they add 2$ so the first time you buy it is about 6 with tax, but you get 2 dollars back every time you bring a jar in. That is for the half gallon.

  3. No J.D.s where I am, but I do like really like the Organic Valley we have available in our local grocery stores. Not cheap, but it is good. No raw milk available here either, against the law. sad.


  4. What a great find! My local grocery store sells pasteurized/non-homogenized milk from a local dairy, which is how I get healthier milk for my family. The taste is wonderful and sweet – I wish I could get raw milk, but this is the next best thing! Too bad they use plastic bottling, otherwise I could clue them in on that refund 🙂

  5. That is a great price for milk! That dairy doesn’t sell all the way over here in CA, but we can buy raw milk at the store. It’s $7.99 per HALF gallon, or $7 per half gallon at the farmer’s market, so I think $8 a gallon is an awesome price!

    1. WOW!! I had no idea it was that expensive. Traveling to California, I know the cost of living is a bit more than it is here in the South, but goodness. That seems steep! But at least you have access to it without having to purchase your own bovine 🙂

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