New year, new resolution, right?

I’ve resisted posting anything regarding the turning of a new year – a new decade, at that. Everyone makes promises to themselves during this time, proclaiming it publicly, only to fail a few weeks later (or if they are truly resilient, the fall may come a few months down the road). These are generally related to weight loss, physical fitness, or some other kind of regimented program too lofty to ever truly be attained.

What’s been coming at me in these first days of the new year hasn’t been related to food, working out, or even being healthier. What’s been flying in my face with such force are words. All the words that I’ve ever spoken, actually – the distantly echoing words that still whisper themselves into my ears and hang about my home in the shadows and dark corners.

Words are what created the world. They are what shaped the mountains, formed nations, started wars, and ended relationships. This new decade has brought us an over abundance of words. They come cheaply, like prostitutes waiting to be picked up on a dirty street corner. And many people are grabbing at them, compromising themselves with the false hope that those rancid words will make them heard, make them known, make an impression on anyone willing to listen.

But like the price of gold, are words losing their value because of this? I’ve gotten the impression that all the negative things that have come out of my mouth are somewhere floating in my home above my head, waiting to be known again. Like trash that’s forgotten to be taken out. And no matter the candles that I light, the beautiful words that I utter like air freshener to make up for the stink, they float, festering, filling the room and making dark corners blacker.

Cleaning out my house this morning, I utter words to cleanse, wiping down the dusty surfaces and sweeping out those dark corners. The Life Word comes and highlights anything I may have missed, taking care to check under the beds and couches, reminding me to remove the trash in all the rooms. Words may come cheaper now, but only because there are many more inferior alternatives available. My new year will be made up of authentic, quality words of merit – harder to come by and less frequent, but reflecting the Word that was Flesh.


3 thoughts on “A Year for New Words

  1. Wow, please give me a moment as I wipe a tear from my eye. I think this is more powerful than weight loss, this is true self renovation that will affect the lives of those around us and not just ourselves for the better!!!

    I’m going to take your lead and fling open a window of fresh loving words to fumigate and do a little trash removal as I speak life the way Jesus did ❤

  2. These words were very powerful indeed! While reading them I had the distinct impression that they were living, breathing, vibrating with truth from the Creator. I must say that I agree with every one of them, and in doing so I must also look deep within myself to see all the the trash that is stored up in my own home.

    This realization could not have come at a better time for me, we are moving and I am in the process of throwing out all of the things that I do not want to take with us to our new home. This will now include all of the garbage that I have spewed out of my mouth while living in this home. I have no intention of bringing trash with me either in the form of things that have not been used or touched in years or words that have hurt and wounded others. It’s a time of new beginnings!

    Thank you for sharing this at exactly the right time. I am certain it will make a lasting impression on this family!

  3. Mandi, many thoughts come to mind as I read this… seeing your talent and passion for writing springs from the page, but I would miss everything about it if I stop and focus there… This was written from your life experience and that makes it come alive to all of us… I pray that the ‘living words’ from this blog go deeply in me and every reader. May the ‘word of life himself’, give you more wisdom and revelation as you walk out this beautiful life He has given you and may you bear much fruit …. may it be fruit that remains in you, and all of us who benefit by reading what He gives you… and may we take full advantage of His grace to walk it out. AMEN AND AMEN!

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