I chuckled as I looked over my blog; at the last post I had written, in particular. “A Year for New Words”, and yet I haven’t written anything since – almost a month has gone by. Of course, the saying holds true, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Not that I haven’t had anything positive going on in my life. But winter is winter. In the palm of it’s weather-chapped hand it holds dreary days made for thinking, musing, pondering…but not for writing. At least not writing about myself and my own escapades. I’ve spent January writing other things; things that have been coming along much more productively without the hindrance of holidays and vacations. Although those are welcome hindrances, after all.

Having emerged from the dark ages of January and into the still-snow laden February, I’m looking ahead at Valentine’s Day adventures, Spring Break Caribbean sailings, and hopefully a few batches of cookies and cakes along the way.


2 thoughts on “After a Brief Intermission…

  1. I have no doubt that part of the reason you haven’t written is the big move. As always I enjoy reading your blog it made me start thinking about vacation time. AH

  2. For a minute there I forgot that this isn’t FaceBook and that I can’t do a thumbs up LIKE. So here I am writing my approval. I agree with the wisdom of a woman who has lots to say but says what needs to be said and writes things of value…that woman of course it you πŸ™‚ People are funny about what they “think” a writer should be doing. My least favorite question from these silly small minded folks is, “How many pages a day are you writing? You should be doing at least 10.” they might say. I think my reply is something like, “How many pages each day of worthless bilge are you having to delete after meeting your quota for the day. Don’t you think that’s a waist of time?” πŸ™‚

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