Early Sunday morning we arrived home from a week spent at Walt Disney World. By early, I mean we were up at 3:45am to catch the Magical Express bus that would whisk us away to the Orlando airport so that we could fly home. Disney really tried too hard to make the bus “magical” for us at that time of the morning, or shall I say, night. Loud theme park music was playing inside the bus as we all blearily took in the overly happy bus driver and her erratic announcements. But who can blame them for being so darn happy? It’s the happiest place on earth, after all.

Speaking of happy, I’m happy to say that that was the low point of our entire trip – going home. We did everything imaginable, and came home early enough to have an entire day’s rest before real life began again. Dining reviews will be coming up shortly, and I have some interesting new additions to add to my list of favorites. One thing is certain though – opposed to last year when I was Vegan while in Disney, this year the Deluxe Dining Plan was almost too much for me! But we both handled it gracefully and tried to always save a little room for dessert!


2 thoughts on “Just Back From Disney!

  1. Awesome! I’m glad that you had a good trip (and your weather down there may have been cooler than mine here in PA). Hubs and I decided to skip our WDW vacation this year in favor of putting us over the last hurdle of debt and saving up for an even better trip next year… but now we might be giving in and booking for September. *lol*

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