After a long period of writing, writing, writing until I feel my hand begin to shake and can track my progress with the ink marks that smudge the side of my hand…I put the pen down. I stare at the sheet of paper, which is marked, crossed out, marked again. I stare at the last word – and I know it’s completed.

It’s finished! And while I have miles to go before I can submit it to an agent, the hardest part is done. The story is told. Now I type, reformat, memorize the thesaurus, and elaborate. I caught myself today doing just that and wanting to slow down, if only slightly. What happens when this is over? Or will it ever be over? Will I ever reach the point in editing when I think it’s as good as it can get? Of course, I may think so, but will an agent or editor think it has any redeeming qualities? I can only move forward and hope that this past year has all been worth it.

So now I sit and ponder things to come – the beginning of a school term, the smell of fall in the hot air outside, another year spent with my husband and the new chapters yet to come in our life. I think of the possibility of so many things, but I can only work on the subject at hand and recall the ink stains on my palm that marks the progress I’ve made and a job accomplished.


One thought on “Putting Down the Pen

  1. What an accomplishment, you have completed something most only dream of. Such a blessing to have had the time, the inspiration and the encouragement to be able to take this time to live out your dream. Enjoy it…these moments are precious, as are you! I can’t wait to read it in it’s entirety!

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