I’ve heard talk of it, even among my own small circle of friends, for years now. More and more people are discussing their food allergies, whether it be dairy, soy, or gluten. At one time I had wondered if these claims could be true – did they REALLY have an allergy, or did they just want to limit their carb intake, appear to be healthier, or just want to contribute to the conversation?

I thought this until I went to the doctor and found out I am allergic to no less than 26 different foods. Since then I have been put on a very rigid elimination diet in order to flush my system of the offending culprits and hopefully integrate organic versions back in slowly, one at a time.

The key word here is ORGANIC. Children have been increasingly diagnosed with peanut, dairy, and gluten allergies in recent years, but this may have more to do with the pesticides and chemicals in the conventionally grown crops than anything else. Children are more than likely allergic to those additives than the food itself, but because it comes as a package deal, their bodies are fighting against the food every time its swallowed.

This article and video really made me start thinking about this, and after learning that I have my own allergies was when it hit home – we have to start eating REAL food!

I’m eating healthier than I ever have in my life, and even though there’s a point in each and every day that I look at the food in front of me in disdain, I realize that getting to the root of the matter is the only way to kill the entire weed. 2.5 more months to go…after that I’m really looking forward to adding a tomato or two to my meal plan!


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