When making reservations way back in December, I had decided that going Gluten Free would be a way that I could eat more organically in Disney World. Although there are a few sustainable/organic options in certain spots throughout the world, it would be more than impossible to attempt it everywhere we went – not to mention stressful and a sure fire way of making it a “not so happiest place on earth” for me.

We were going to be doing the Deluxe Dining Plan, so I knew there would be many meals, and many courses, to be consumed. The brands that Disney uses for their gluten free products can be found online or at my local Whole Foods, so I checked on some of the foods to be aware of their practices and ingredients. With this in mind, I booked a week’s worth of dining venues and was excited to get there!

Dining in a Canadian Chateau certainly seems worthy of a Signature experience.

I admit that after hearing Le Cellier would be making the switch to a Signature dinner option, I was excited about the change – fewer people crowding in for dinner, and new changes to the menu that would allow it to compete with the other signatures. There was only one thing I was uncertain of, and that was LUNCH. Suddenly, this would become the most hard-to-get reservation in Disney – one that I would be vying for a full 180 days in advance (as if I didn’t already do that for every one, anyway). But would the quality of lunch go down? Would they still offer the selections that they’ve become known and loved for? I was soon to find out on our arrival day to Disney this year.

After checking in at The Boardwalk, where we discovered we had a lovely villa room overlooking the waterway, we walked speedily to make our 1:30pm lunch reservation at Le Cellier. We waited for less than one minute before they whisked us off to our table. All was cool and dimly lit in the dining room, a vast contrast to the unending heat and brilliant blue skies outside.

The waitress was aware I would be eating gluten free, and she gave me some options before also getting the chef involved. My husband was just excited about all the food choices that was included with our dining plan. He chose a Strawberry Smoothie as his beverage to start himself off with – he had failed to eat anything for breakfast and was ravenous by this point in the day.

Enjoying a little Dessert before the Meal

For our appetizers, he ordered the Cheese Soup, which he adored. While not much of a bread person, he did make use of the bread service by cleaning up the bowl with one of the pretzel sticks.

Cheese Soup with the Famous Pretzel Bread

The chef had recommended many options for me, but I chose the Tomato Stack because I knew that it would contain less chemicals and pesticides than the beef options. The Stack included Carmelized Onions, Cucumbers, Crumbled Blue Cheese, and Vinaigrette – absolutely delicious! I ate every bit.

Tomato Stack with Blue Cheese Crumbles

Our entrees were to come soon after this. Jeremy ordered the Mushroom Filet, because he had not only heard me talk about how popular it was, but the waitress had also recommended it. One change he made was that he subbed the Risotto for the Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes. Again, a winner many times over! If Le Cellier does anything well, it’s steaks.

Mushroom Filet with a substitute of Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

I ordered the Salmon Burger and made some adjustments myself. The Aoili had gluten in it, so the chef prepared it plain, and brought everything out separately so that I could arrange it on a tapioca bun myself. It came with Napa Cabbage Slaw and French Fries (my weakness). The buns are made by Ener-G, and were suprisingly good. I had many over the course of our stay.

A Dissasembled Salmon Burger with Ener-G "bun"

Dessert could have been a letdown for me, but the Champagne Sorbet was gluten free and absolutely delicious. Jeremy ordered the Maple Creme Brulee and really loved the crispness of the shell and the hint of maple that tasted of Canada.

Looks are Sometimes Deceiving - the Champagne Sorbet tasted Delicious!
The Maple Creme Brulee didn't Disappoint!

It was a great experience, and I was happy to note that quality and service are still a part of the Le Cellier experience even though there is now more of a focus towards their Signature dinner. We will go back – hopefully next year!

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