After our late lunch at Le Cellier on the day of our arrival, I was hesitant about dining at a Signature restaurant for dinner. Making the reservations for 7:40pm allowed us plenty of time for wandering around Epcot, riding a few rides, and completely unpacking and getting dressed up for dinner at the resort. It’s always nice to stay at one of the property’s that has great dining options!

We walked the short distance to Flying Fish Cafe, watching a boardwalk musician in the few moment’s we had to wait on our table. Soon we were led towards the back of the restaurant and promptly asked for our cocktail order. Jeremy ordered his customary Gin and Tonic, while I opted for a Cosmopolitan…VERY light on the cranberry.

Mural in Flying Fish Cafe
Another fun Mural

While we waited for this to come, we had the opportunity to look around us. The atmosphere at this restaurant is fantastic, with murals on the walls depicting by-gone circus days, and clean lines that make it elegant and not over crowded. One thing I noted was that there were quite a few families eating, even though the meal came with a signature price tag.

A beautiful cocktail with just the right amount of Cranberry
Starting off the vacation with his signature G&T

Soon our beverages were placed in front of us, and we ordered appetizers. Of course the waitress was aware that I would be dining Gluten Free, and had called the chef over to the table in advance. He walked me through my MANY options, and we placed our first order. Luckily, I could have more than one appetizer on the menu, so Jeremy and I put our heads together and chose two to share between us. We ordered the Tuna Tartare and Lobster Summer Roll. By this point I was actually getting hungry again!

A shot of a half consumed but still tasty looking Lobster Summer Roll
Tuna Tartare - as good as it looked!

Entrees were soon to come, and they sounded absolutely delicious as the chef described them, and the small alterations he could make for me. Jeremy decided to go with the Citrus, Sesame, and Szechuan Pepper-crusted Yellowfin Tuna, which came with bok choy, carrots, snap peas, and mushrooms in a delicious asian broth.

Yellowfin Tuna

I ordered the Signature Flying Fish Cafe Potato-wrapped Red Snapper. He altered the potato slightly so that I could be able to eat it Gluten Free. It was absolutely delicious. I would say that this restaurant does one of the best jobs accommodating those with special diets – quite an award to achieve at Disney World!

Potato Wrapped Snapper

Finally came the desserts. Jeremy was able to get the Carmelized Banana Napolean, which had phyllo, a banana mousse, creme caramel, and bitter chocolate. He ate it in its entirety! I ordered the Season Sorbet, which had Coconut, Strawberry and Cherry Coulis. It was just enough after all that other food!

Almost too pretty to eat - Carmelized Banana Napolean
A Delicious End to the Meal - A Trio of Sorbets!

We were both so happy with our meal here, that will will definitely go again. Not only was it convenient to the Boardwalk, but it was a beautiful setting with great food!

A Very Happy Couple

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