Driving slowly behind a cyclist as he struggles up an ever-steepening hill, I watch and think, “There’s no way I could do that.” There’s no way I could make it up that hill. I would give up. Actually, I wouldn’t have attempted it in the first place. I’m much too comfortable in my own vehicle, safe from the elements, sitting still in the cool air conditioning as I watch the biker struggle to make it up the hill that is for me effortless, but for him taking every ounce of strength he has.

But perhaps I have cycled in his shoes before; simply in a different circumstance. Sometimes you have to struggle through the hurt. You push through, and it makes you stronger, so that the next hill isn’t quite as trying…doesn’t seem to loom quite so threateningly in the distance.

And yes – there are seasons when we need to stop, to rest, to tend a wound. And then there are times when we have to continue through the pain so that we can make it to the summit. Those are the times when you finally reach the end and realize that you had it in you, even when in the midst of the struggle you didn’t think you would be strong enough.

But the Word that is in your heart whispers to you – letting you know that you can do it. You can make it through this struggle if only you listen to that voice. Perhaps this time around you only make it up that first hill. Perhaps you turn around and have to try again another day. But the Word will guide that path for you, if only you listen as you climb.

Listen – can you hear it? Sometimes it may only sound like a small breeze. And sometimes like a thunderstorm that rattles the windowpanes and shakes your foundation. When you listen, you’ll be guided. And you’ll know whether to summit that next hill, or if you should simply rest and let the Word heal.


3 thoughts on “Battling the Impossible

  1. Life is full of times when we have to give it all we’ve got. Those are the times when you have to believe with all your heart that what God says is true “He will never leave us nor forsake us”. We have all walked out times when the circumstances of our lives are trying, some more than others.
    I find it so inspiring to know people who are battling terrible diseases who walk by faith, believing in things not yet seen.

    I appreciate your heart and the words you use to share it with all of us. I hope we in turn open our hearts to listen to what that still small voice may be speaking in our ear.

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