It comes as no surprise that Japan’s economy took a huge plunge with the tsunami that hit their little island very hard. Nuclear plant meltdowns didn’t help tourism, either. In fact, Japan is hurting so much in that regard that they are going to offer free flights to come and vacation there!

Beginning in April, anyone can apply for a free flight to Japan. They will be giving away 10,000 tickets, and the only stipulations is that there will need to be an application filled out specifying where you want to visit. Upon acceptance, the lucky ones will have to agree that after returning they will write about the experience online. I don’t know about you, but I think I can come up with more than one blog for a free airline ticket!

For Japan, the hope is that positive reviews and increased travel from other countries will convince people that it is once again safe to return. This project is expected to cost an estimated $14.3 million says the Wall Street Journal, but with the enormous loss the country has suffered across the board, this may help them get back in the saddle.


4 thoughts on “What Could Be Better Than Traveling? Going for Free

  1. Man, if I didn’t hate flying so much, this would be an ideal time to check out my dream park- Disney Tokyo Sea. Have you seen the model in One Man’s Dream? GORGEOUS!

  2. Sounds amazing! (I’m Julia [coltsfanatic on disboards] by the way. I just discovered your Disboards vegan trip report and found it so helpful for our June trip because I’m a vegan and my co-traveler isn’t!) Keep us updated about Japan, I would love to go!!

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! I’ve been thinking of doing another trip report on disboards. I am no longer Vegan (it was for dietary reasons and I found out I was allergic to gluten, yeast, and soy) but have been once more since then, and am going in December!

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