I had coffee with a wonderful friend today. It was so nice to simply sit across from someone and discuss things – anything. This week has been so chaotic and full of writing, that taking a breather with a cup of hot coffee in my hands felt wonderful.

But now I’ve signed up for Twitter – at the express urging of other writers and one of my mentors. YES I am slow – in fact, I have been somewhat opposed to the entire thing. The only reason I am doing it is for the blog. I truly hope it does not become another Facebook for me, because I could stand to be a little LESS plugged in at this time in my life.

Does anyone else feel this way? That there is something to be said for pen and paper, phone calls and face to face conversation? Now, this is coming from someone still in her twenties. I understand that my parents’ generation has been making this rally cry for a few years now. But I am feeling a bit drained by it all.

But there you have it – I can now tweet…whatever that means. Oh, and if you are interested I am @amandabwhite!


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