Once upon a time there was an enchanted land that fell under a curse. All the inhabitants in the realm were forced to leave their storybook lives – becoming imprisoned in a living hell – i.e. a town just outside Boston called Storybrooke.

Only moments after ending the season premier of Once Upon a Time, I rushed to the computer to make a comment on the show’s official site. I want this television show to really succeed!

Judging from the first episode, it’s going to bring new life to classic fairy tale characters, hopefully gathering a following that will see it through many seasons. Of course ABC, being Disney-owned, is the one to air it – but then NBC is coming out with their own fable they’ve named Grimm, airing this Friday. I will watch it as well, and hopefully be able to make a fair comparison!

The question is, did anyone else happen to watch? I would love to get other opinions on the “story”line, characters, plot, etc! So tell me…has ABC produced a Happily Ever After with this one?

Here’s a glimpse of the first nine minutes!


4 thoughts on “ABC’s Once Upon a Time

  1. Amanda–in my opinion, no Happy Ever After here, but I’m a stickler for the old stuff! I wrote a review as well, http://somethingtoreadforthetrain.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/where-are-we-going-somewhere-horrible-indeed-abcs-once-upon-a-time/, please check it out and feel free to respond, I love to discuss this stuff! I took issue with the fact that Disney (ABC’s owner) is all over this. We get Jiminy Cricket rather than a more interesting look into the Snow White tale, which has so much creepiness and beauty to it already. I’m crossing my fingers that Grimm will give the more traditional tales the spin they deserve.

    1. I see your point! I am a huge fan of traditional Fairy Tales, as well. The Grimm Brothers definitely didn’t sugar coat their stories, and the harsh realities of some of them were good lessons that should still be told! Ultimately, what I loved about Once Upon a Time was that it twisted and turned, making it less predictable than a show about a fairy tale could have been. Has it been Disney-fied? Absolutely – but it could also proove to be a great story, as well.

  2. Amanda I was talking with a friend about this just this week. She had already intrigued me to try it and now that I have read your blog I am sure to do just that. I told your mother I read your blog a lot but rarely ever comment so I will try to do better.

  3. Hi Nancy! Well I hope I’ve made a convert out of you! You’ll have to let me know what you think – I’m going to do a blog about it this Sunday after the next episode, as well!

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