I make popcorn at least two or three times a week, and never use the microwaveable kind. Homemade popcorn is not only much healthier, it also tastes better and makes much more – so that my husband is allowed some, as well! There is no additional equipment necessary, and it’s naturally gluten free.

Stovetop Popcorn

  • Coconut Oil
  • 1/3 Cup Popcorn Kernals
  • Salt and Butter to Taste

In a large pot, melt coconut oil on medium-high heat (I add approximately 1 spoonful…enough to coat the bottom of the pot once melted). Once the oil has melted, add 3 Kernals of popcorn to the pan and cover the lid. When the 3 kernals pop, add the remaining 1/3 cup of kernals. Cover and remove from the heat (but leave the burner on). By moving the pot back and forth vigorously, shake to distribute oil evenly on all kernals.

Keep the saucepan off the heated burner for 20 seconds. This allows all the kernals to get to near-popping temperature so that when placed back on the heat, all will pop at the same time and none will burn. Put the pan back on the burner and the popcorn will begin popping. Shake the pan again to make sure all kernals are given the right amount of attention on the heated bottom. Once the popping slows to several seconds between pops, remove from the heat and pour immediately into a large bowl.

Add salt and butter to taste. Other fun toppings include nutritional yeast, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and Parmesan cheese.


One thought on “The Best Companion to a Movie – Homemade Popcorn

  1. MMMM what an awesome idea!! I always thought you had to have one of those crazy stove top poppers to cook it like this but I guess not! I can’t eat popcorn right now (crazy elimination allergy diet) but I’m going to look forward to trying this! 🙂

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