For those who like all things fable and fantasy, this news may entice you. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a major trend for exposing the origin of fairy tales right now, which usually involves revealing their dark side. From young adult books, movies, and television shows, one thing is clear – audiences are enjoying stories that may not include a happily-ever-after.

Enter the new Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Colorado. In their own words:

“Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is new craft brewer located in Loveland, Colorado focusing on authentic German style beers. Each of their brews is named after one of the Grimm Brother’s famous folk tales, so each label features a scene from each story, but with a twist. For example, Little Red Cap (or Riding Hood) has an axe hidden behind her back, making her more dangerous than the wolf.”

The Master Thief is their latest concoction, added just this week.

Each brew has its own tale to accompany it, and summaries are included on every label. You can see all four Here.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse has a taproom located in Loveland, Colorado, and the beers are being offered in various locations around the state. Although I’ve yet to find any information on online orders…I think they would make great Christmas gifts!


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