Who knew Fall 2011 would fly by the way it did? I certainly didn’t, especially when I signed up for two graduate level college classes. And while there were certainly moments when I gave in to Scarlett O’Hara type outbursts that the end would never come (I take no pleasure in reading Freudian theory), there is, nonetheless, a feeling of accomplishment that I hardly feel I have a right to feel just now. Like many things in life, it seems it went so quickly as I look back on it.

Primarily, it was CHALLENGING. My husband is working on his third, yes third, masters. I naively felt that since he breezed through it, barely mentioning exams and research papers, I would do the same.  Instead I found myself reading every piece of material I was assigned. Not just skimming through in order to get it over with, but really reading each word and attempting to make as much sense of it as possible. Of course, that slowed things down a bit, and I wound up averaging about 20 hours a week of study. Not to mention that my writing style didn’t jive with one of the professors, and I took it upon myself to impress her (or at the least, earn an A). I have no idea how anyone manages to have a traditional, full time job while going to graduate school.

With the purchase of a new house and all the home improvement projects that I’ve tasked myself with, I am very tempted to only take one class next semester. It would be so much easier to simply allow myself time. Time to work on those projects, as well as time to polish my own, personal writing. But then I second guess this temptation. I’ve made friends in these classes, and many of them will be taking on two courses. Over the past year I’ve primarily been alone as I write, but now I have a core group of people that understand the highs and lows that come with pouring your heart onto a piece of paper (or a computer screen). Sure, one class will give me some of those same people – but two would prove twice the community.

But it’s also more than that – there’s a deep-seated feeling inside of me that if I only take one course, I will be missing out on knowledge. I’ve learned so much just within the last three months. More about myself, my writing, and other people. I’ve even gained some obscure random knowledge that’s really helped on Tuesday trivia nights!

Life is rarely easy – but I’m not sure I want to attempt to make it that way, either.


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