There’s someone on my shoulder that is whispering – becoming increasingly more annoying each time I hear her taunting me. “New Year, New You!” the girl chants over and over, doing jumping jacks while ridding the house of Christmas decor. “New Year, New You!” she proclaims with far too much enthusiasm as I attempt to swat her away.

On the other shoulder sits a couch containing a dormant pudge of a person. I like to picture this “devil on my shoulder” as an Augustus Gloop of a little boy, attractive in his dormancy as he shovels leftover Christmas candy down his throat. He knows full-well that the new year is upon us all, yet he defiantly laughs with his mouth full, switching on the television instead of reading something productive.

The balance to these two extremes stands directly in the middle; I am the moderator to the two halves of my self. I could very easily give in to Augustus and share a tub of ice cream with him as we make fun of those around us. After all, those people so full of hope in the new year are just going to fall into their old habits within weeks, right? On the other hand (or shoulder), I could just as easily work myself to death at the gym, refuse to eat one more morsel that isn’t Paleo friendly, and slip over the deep end into a pool of self-idolization. Instead I must focus on that lost art of moderation – something that will not be taught on television, at the movies, or in a book. No book, that is, except one; I can only hope to survive with my head above water if I train my eyes on the Words that matter.

Is it only the physical that concerns most people as they ring in a new year?

My goal is to be productive this year. Not in a way that will wear me down and cause me to give up at the end of this month, but productive by continually seeking His voice and going through the motions that will put a smile on His face. I have to tune out the media in order to do this. Ads alternate between extravagances, indulgences, and images that all lead to one thing – the creation of self idolatry in this culture. I am going to have to focus on moderation in order to balance the two people on my shoulders. And in order to focus I’ll need to keep my nose firmly planted in a Book.

What about you? Do you have goals for the new year? Do the slogans on television and the ads in magazines have an effect on you as the calendar changes over?


5 thoughts on “2012 – Go On, Brush Your Shoulders Off

  1. I’m thinking moderation is a Great word for 2012! I’m determined to let God lead the way this year, and in order to do that I to will have to turn the TV off a little more, and pick up His word alot more often. How can we hope to hear from Him when we constantly pollute our minds with things that aren’t of Him. After all a wise man I know once said “The truth you know will set you free!” I intend to focus on that Truth in 2012!
    Happy New Year

  2. I told my husband that my New Year’s resolution is to eat more cookies. And it is, as well as what that represents. 😀 Now, how I’m going to eat more cookies when I’m planning to go very low carb and gluten free is a mystery (it’s supposed to be very helpful for PCOS to go low carb and grain free, but I won’t give up my beloved rice, though I can reduce it).

    1. If you figure out how to do that, let me know!! I think this past month (or two) has created a sugar addiction in me! Have you ever checked out Elana’s Pantry ( Her recipes all use Almond flour, which is naturally low carb and gluten free! Now to just get around the sugar issue…

    2. I’ve been looking at the whole Paleo plan lately, as well as Primal! They seem intriguing…for now I’m kind of sticking to my own version because mainly, I like cheese and dairy too much to give it up!! I’m just having Goat products for the next couple of weeks but…we’ll see how long that lasts 🙂

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