I spotted this ad and immediately had to share. It’s an obvious play on the little girl vs. big bad wolf scenario, using fast food as the antagonist in this sad tale. Instead of including an adult in the scene, the PSA focused on a child victim – because no one would willingly put their kids in danger by feeding them harmful food. Hopefully.

Although in this rendition the “wolf” is the one clothed in red, there is little doubt which fairy tale this is meant to depict. The background dumpster even echos a wooded scenery.

This image came from an article in The Guardian, which you can find here. The overall theme somewhat shadows my idea of a healthy New Year, discussing that a new way of eating, not dieting, is called for in today’s culture. But the article is highly political, discussing left vs. right wing views of the healthy eating debate – something I am hesitant to talk about because I first need to be more educated on each party’s views.

Nonetheless, I adored the folkloric imaging in relation to what really is a modern day Big Bad Wolf.


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