In case you missed it over the holiday break, the creators of Lord of the Rings have announced that they are making a prequel in the form of J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit. I had been content with the fact that my glimpses of Middle Earth were going to either come from movies in the past, or my overactive imagination. But now New Line Cinema is going to keep the story fresh on everyone’s mind and appease my Tolkien-loving heart!

Tolkien’s book features Bilbo Baggins as the lead character, setting off on an adventure with dwarves, elves, and of course, Gandolf the Grey. The movie is much the same, although comments from Elijah Wood have made it clear that they are taking liberties by adding to the original. He notes, “It definitely expounds upon the book; there are already characters that are cast that are not in the book, so that indicates that it goes slightly outside the boundaries in the structure of the original novel.”

It also seems The Hobbit will be shot in two parts. I’ve been missing the familiar list of characters, and it seems like many will make an appearance in either the first or second release, including Orlando Bloom as Legolas and Ian McKellen revisiting the role of Gandolf.

Like all amazing movies lately, this one will be shot in 3D. There is an official blog full of information, photos and videos, but I had to share a few of my favorites on here!


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