I realize that in this consumer-driven world we live in, product is king. Companies latch on to the latest trends and ride that horse until it’s near death and frothing at the mouth. When one company finds success with a product, others must follow suit in order to make a few bucks themselves.

ABC Found success with Once Upon a Time, and are hoping that Belle and the Beast can make that happen, as well.

Enter Beauty and the Beast. A Tale as Old as Time, right? Both ABC and the CW have ordered pilots of this fairytale retelling, which will be debuting at the same time this month. ABC’s version will most likely play off of their animated film, while the CW is taking from CBS’s 1980s drama that starred Ron Perlman as Vincent – the Beast – and Linda Hamilton as Catherine – the Beauty.

Does this double debut sound familiar? Think Once Upon a Time and Grimm. Think of the no less than TWO Snow White movies hitting theaters this summer.

CW plans to remake CBS's 1980s version of Beauty and the Beast

A loyal fan of ABC, I admit that I’m excited about the prospect of their Beauty and the Beast concept. I will also be watching the CW’s version, because I distinctly remember being a young girl and sitting with my mom, completely enraptured by Vincent and Catherine’s love affair. My only fear is that soon these fairy tales will fall by the wayside once more, traded in for something a bit more young and fresh. I worry that corporations are doing what they do best – saturating the market.

The question I am asking myself is where this current trend began. I can only assume that Harry Potter led the way into the realm of fantasy, and that corporations hurriedly began snatching up children’s tales as adult entertainment. Will this trend fizzle and a period of realism come next? Will people tire of the fantastic and long for a story of normal people doing normal things? But then again, what’s normal?


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