A bit more tan and much more relaxed, I came home from our Spring Break at the beach to a house that looked completely different than the one I left. My husband and I purchased it in November, so we didn’t know exactly what the yard would look like once Spring began to show its pretty face.

No, this is not my home...only in my dreams. But just look at that garden!

I’m sitting on our back porch as I write this, looking at green plants and bright blossoms – and staring at the little vegetable garden with a mixture of apprehension and dread.

I certainly don’t consider myself too prissy when it comes to the outdoors. After all, I sat on the beach for more than a week, didn’t I? Aside from that not-so-telling example, I will readily boast that spiders do not bother me very much, and I love birds and small animals. I adore English gardens, and hope that I can transform my back yard into a real life Wonderland (hence the reason for the photos in this post). So why the fear of this tiny plot of raised beds? I’m not sure.

An English Garden, complete with Alice and White Rabbit statues

There’s the fear of the unknown, certainly. What if nothing grows? Even worse, what if it grows and then I somehow manage to kill it off? The fear of failure has kept me from many things – surely I can conquer this garden. Of course, the fact that I walked into it yesterday and encountered two-foot stalks of Asparagus covered with unidentifiable black and red insects could have put me off a bit, as well.

I’m just going to have to purchase a pair of gloves and step into this uncharted territory. The idea of just-picked strawberries, tomatoes, asparagus and peppers is almost too appealing to pass up simply due to fear (and creepy insects). Perhaps I’ll even truly enjoy it and can begin an herb garden similar to those that my ancestors cultivated. Now THAT would be an interesting endeavor!

What a fantastic idea for an Herb Garden!

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