Let me tell you about a small aspiration of mine. Small, because it isn’t grand by any means. A dream, because I don’t know when – or if – it will ever happen. This tiny dream has flitted through my head for a few years now, and has taken shape the way only true dreams can.

I would like to own a tiny Bohemian shop. This shop has a very clever name, but one so close to my heart that I can’t bear to write it out for the world to see as of yet. The shop is located by the sea somewhere, and although I can’t quite hear the ocean from the doorstep, I can imagine it, and almost make out the blue waves over the horizon. There is a porch overflowing with wild vines and flowers, and every morning I check them and make sure no weed has set foot in their territory.

I will only sell a few things, specializing in those particular items so that the collection is eclectic and ME. This would be books primarily, but only those that I truly love and want to pass along to others. I would concoct healthy treats made with natural ingredients – small indulgences that people can feel good about eating while they browse the store and decide which purchases to make. Perhaps they will take a dessert home with them and curl up to feast on it and their new book, escaping into a world that I have long-adored.

I will wear a bandana in my hair and embrace the salt in the air. My husband would smoke a pipe while recommending important yet interesting works of literature, and I have a small room in the back to paint whimsical scenes on canvases that will adorn the walls. These paintings will be for sale, allowing those who wander into our small shop of wonders the chance to take home a visual representation of their time in this particular town.

We go home at night, where I write about my encounters with these people and form stories surrounding them. We make a small dinner and thank God that he’s given us contentment. Content, because while we aren’t rich by any means, we are happy as only those who do something they truly love – something they find a wealth of meaning in – can be.


One thought on “Dream a Little Dream

  1. I love your dream…I will pull up a chair in that fine shop and munch on your tasty treats while delighting my thoughts with one of the wonderful books that you have carefully selected.

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