I have a weakness for Vikings. From the time I was a very little girl, my family would frequently play a game – we would take each person’s name and say it backwards, knowing that it was our secret, ancestral Viking name. For instance, my father – the fiercest of us all – was known as Nor Nameloc by his children. Not all the time, mind you, but enough to make it a household title to this day.

Perhaps it is for this reason – and the fact that I likely stemmed from that far-off line of warriors – that I love the words of Chuck Wendig. He’s certainly humorous – not to mention profane, rude, and a bit of a nut. In regards to his blog, he himself says, “If [my writing is] for anybody, it’s for berserker Vikings, the dangerously insane, and… I dunno, grizzly bears or something.”

Well, since my father also styles himself after Grizzly Adams, I had to share this article I unearthed. Chuck contributed a guest post over at Writer Unboxed, and I now relay it to anyone with an interest in writing (or who may be hurtling the mountain I call Graduate school).

Here’s some highlights:

Own the Crazy – If you’re a writer, you’re probably a little crazy. At the bare minimum, you’re probably a little moony. Quirky. Eccentric. Odd. Slightly skewed worldview. This is a good thing.

Listen, this thing that we do? It’s already pretty nuts. We sit. By ourselves. Inside on a nice day. We stick our nose in a notebook or glue our half-ruined eyes to the computer monitor. And there we conjure worlds out of nothing, worlds were everything is going wrong starring characters who we love but who are also damaged goods. And then we try to get it published, which is a league of unparalleled insanity no matter which path you choose.

What I’m telling you is: let the crazy be your guide. Let it be the jaguar-headed shaman that drags you into the heart of the penmonkey jungle. Fight crazy with crazy.

To read exactly how to fight this crazy battle with your own blend of insanity, head over to Writer Unboxed and check out the rest of the article.  I promise that you will not only be thoroughly entertained, you’ll be enlightened, as well!

Chuck Wendig is an author of numerous books, and also blogs at TerribleMinds.com.

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