Wanting to do something a bit different on one evening of our last stay in Disney World, we decided to cancel our reservation at Contemporary’s The Wave, and instead attempt to snag a few stools at the bar in Narcoossee’s.

This is one of the best bars in Disney – not only do you get a signature experience, but also a lagoon view, a fireworks display from the Magic Kingdom, and the low noise volume that generally accompanies the more expensive of Disney’s dining options.

It’s also a wonderful way to dine signature without having to pay the generally doubled price tag, or use two dining credits if on the Disney Dining Plan. Any signature that has a bar is fair game, which includes Flying Fish, Jiko, and  California Grill, to name a few.

The servers were extremely nice, chatting with us before bringing out a bread service that included gluten free Tapioca rolls for me to enjoy. This was the moment I found out that Disney would very soon be changing to a different allergy-friendly bread, however. While I was reasonably upset by the news, it seemed the chef who brought them out was perhaps even more so. He informed me that it was not their (the Disney chefs’) decision, but a corporate arrangement dealing primarily with cost. Here’s hoping the new bread is just as good. Anyone who has tried it, please let me know!

After the initial shock of the bread bomb cleared away, we made some appetizer selections.

First up, Cheese – a classic, don’t you think? I feel it’s one of the things people order when they don’t know what to order, but it’s always so good, nonetheless! This particular platter had five different varieties, and was accompanied by the usual accoutrements.

Being the soup connoisseur that he is, my husband opted for the Shrimp and Crap Chowder. It turned out to be piping hot, creamy, and meal-worthy once another round of bread came and he could sop up every last ounce.

After glancing around the room at what other diners had ordered, I happily selected the Prince Edward Island Mussels. They came out in a rather large bowl that was filled half with Mussels, and half with a rich, buttery broth. Having also received more bread, I did my own fair share of sopping, as well.

Soon the fireworks began, and the lights were dimmed so everyone could take in the splendor. It turned out to be a fantastic evening – low maintenance, yet elegant. I believe we’re going to do this again on our next trip!


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