Germany’s Karamell-Küche in Epcot

There is simply nothing like the smell of warm caramel.

That was my first thought as I tumbled my way into Disney’s Karamell-Küche, located in the country of Germany at Epcot’s World Showcase. Once the aroma hit me, I found myself repeatedly coming back during my time in Disney World – it seemed to be addicting!

What did this German storefront contain before it was turned into a sweetshop? My memory blurs a bit, but I think it was a trinket shop that sold tiny porcelain figurines and the like. The food fan within me cried out for joy when I realized that something involving sugar would be replacing the expensive knickknacks.

The inside is just as authentically Old-World Germany as its exterior facade. Tiled walls, shelves housing earthen vessels (filled with Pooh’s honey?), and row after row of colorful confections.

With so much to choose from, my husband and I found it hard to make our selection. I’m afraid we held up the line somewhat, which had begun to snake its way around the counter and halfway out the door. Yielding to pressure, we hastily made up our minds. But that’s not to say that it would be my only time at that counter while on this particular vacation!

Isn’t Disney wonderful for allowing guests to see the inner-workings of some of their creations? I had to stop and admire the work that went into the making of all these Werther’s sweets. Each and every sugary bite is coated in Werther’s Caramel, and the German cast members that work at Karamell-Küche seem decidedly happy with their jobs. Who wouldn’t love to earn a paycheck from a candy-coated heaven?

I was surprised at the number of items that were Gluten free! Chocolate and Caramel covered Strawberries and Apples were among the most beautiful of those selections, as well as many caramel chocolates and other bon bons. But it was the sight of that caramel being poured over popcorn that really called my name, and my first purchase came in a white bag filled to the brim with sticky, popped corn.

Jeremy was perhaps just as traditional, selecting a Caramel-coated Chocolate Chip Cookie. He loved it so much, that it was hard to wrestle it away in order to snag a photo! Although we didn’t make any cupcake purchases, I simply had to leave you with one last shot of the beauty that is Karamell-Küche – enjoy!