Nashville – Rolling Stone’s Favorite Music Scene

Nashville has long been known as the country music capital of the world, but Rolling Stone’s latest issue has declared it the home of Rock, among other things. In a review that highlights the city’s unique personality, the magazine interviewed local rock celebs and got their feedback on music venues, restaurants, and bars that showcase what Nashville is really about – western hats and belt buckles aside.Hidden spot Pattern House was one of the bars that made the list. It’s Prohibition-esque persona showcases handcrafted, artisanal cocktails that are well-worth the $12 price tag. A menu of gourmet finger foods such as tater tots, deviled eggs, and goat cheese balls all help level out the potent beverages.

King’s of Leon band members love the burgers and truffle fries at local eatery Burger Up, especially the bison version. The quinoa burger is fantastic for vegetarians, and they even have gluten free buns available. With most items made from local, organic ingredients, the establishment has found their niche in the 12th South neighborhood.

Jack White and his wife, model Karen Elson, frequent Marche, the East Nashville brunch and lunch spot owned by the neighboring French restaurant Margot. Here is another local restaurant that does a fantastic job of providing “farm to table” food to their patrons.

Fido, a restaurant in my own neck of the woods, is also a favorite of Taylor Swift. We also share a love of the Blue Chair granola parfait, which includes local honey, cranberries, and plenty of crunchy granola in a huge bowl. Vegan pastries are in abundance, and a few gluten free muffins can be found amid the piles of homemade treats, as well. Like the other restaurants listed, Fido loves to support local farmers, and lists their suppliers on a blackboard for all to see.

Take a more in-depth look at the Rolling Stone write-up in the attached PDF. Do you think Nashville got the praise it deserves?